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Docum. Lab. Géol. Fac. Sci. Lyon, HS n° 3


Proceedings third international conference - Lyon
2 fasc., 690 p., 85 pl., 160 fig., 39 tabl.


The third Conference of the International Bryozoology Association was held in the University Claude Bemnard of Lyon (France), 2-11 september 1974. Professor Frank Maturo (University of Florida) presided ; the Conference chairman was Professor L. David (University of Lyon) and Miss P. L. Cook (British Museum - Natural History - London) was Conference Secretary. The Association records its sincere thanks to the Department of Geological Sciences of Lyon for the facilities provided.

Sixty-seven members attended the Conference and fifty-five papers were read at the sessions. A wide range of topics relating to both living and fossil Bryozoa was considered in the papers and seminar discussions. A palaeontological excursion was held to Miocene localities of the Rhône basin. A field to the island of Chateau d'If near Marseille allowed shore collection and dredging.

The variety of the papers presented at the Conference, and those comprising the present volume, reflect the research activity in Bryozoology. The dialogue developed between zoologists and palaeontologists has proved most fruitful.

Fifty-four papers are published here reflecting the wide variety of interest in the Bryozoa. These interests centre on morphology and structure, growth and budding patterns, on classification, ecology and palaeocology, on phylogeny and bibliography of the Bryozoa.

Editing a series of papers of this variety by authors from 14 different countries presents many problems. It is evident there are still varied usages of some bryozoological terms. Semantic difficulties may well account for some of these variations in understanding and it is good that it has been possible to include two summaries of papers, in the English and in the French.

For reasons of limited space, it is flot possible to print here abstracts of other papers read at the Conference but not published in this volume. In the order of presentation at the Conference these papers include :

I. M. Gurgel : "Bryozoa of the North and North-eastern coast of Brazil".
Ph. Sandberg : "Ontogeny and probable phylogeny of the frontal wall of umbonuloids (Cheilostomata, Ascophora)".
J. D. Farmer : "The ground-plan concept and its bearing on the question of ectoproct ancestry".
D. Lorenz : "Patterns of structural adaptation in the skeletal architecture of some erect Paleozoic Bryozoa".
A. Schaaf : "The structural growth in Steginoporella rhodanica (bryozoa, cheilostomata). (This work is published in Docum. Fac. Sci. Lyon, n° 60, 1974).
G. Hilmer and J. Kazmierczak : "Sponge nature of some Cretaceous "bryozoan" genera".
C. Nielsen and J. Rostgoard : "On structure and function of the entoproct tentacle".
T. J. M. Schopf : "Genetics and speciation in marine ectoprocts".
T. S. Wood : "Food, feeding and lophophore morphology in freshwater Bryozoa".
H. Ristedt : "Morphology and skeletal structure of some Membranipora species".
E. Thomsen : "Bryozoa as bank forming animals".

The accumulation of observed data is essential and continues to be of central interest to bryozoologists. It is certain that this volume serves both to consolidate knowledge of phylum and to open new fields for future research on the Bryozoa by both palaeontologists and zoologists.




List of contributors
Scientific publications by R. Lagaaij

1 - S. MAWATARI and S. MAWATARI. Development and metamorphosis of cyphonautes larva of Membranipora serrilamella OSBURN.
2 - E. M. HUMPRIES. A new approach to resolving the question of speciation in smittinid bryozoans (Bryozoa Cheilostomata).

Budding, growth, polymorphism
3 - M. A. ABBOTT. Relationship of temperature to patterns of sexual reproduction in some recent encrusting cheilostomata.
4 - G. ILLIES. On the genus Stomatoporina BALAVOINE, 1958, (Bryozoa Cyclostomata).
5 - R. V. GORJUNOVA. On the polymorphism of the bryozoan order Rhabdomesonida.
6 - F. K. Mc KINNEY. Autozooecial budding patterns in dendroid stenolaemate bryozoans.
7 - E. VOIGT. Heteromorphy in Cretaceous Bryozoa.

Biology, physiology
8 - D. JEBRAM. Effects of different foods on Conopeum seurati (CANU) (Bryozoa Cheilostomata) and Bowerbankia gracilis LEIDY (Bryozoa Ctenostomata).
9 - P. A. PINTER-MORRIS. A comparative study of decalcification of molusca shells by various bryozoans.
10 - J. P. THORPE. Behaviour and colonial activity in Membranipora membranacea (L.).
11 - J. S. RYLAND. Parameters on the lophophore in relation to population structure ina bryozoan community (Abstract).

Anatomy, Cytology
12 - J. L. d'HONDT. Étude anatomique et cytologique comparée de quelque larves de bryozoaires cténostomes.
13 - A. VIGANO and M. I. TATICCHI-VIGANO. Some notes on Size variability of Plumatella fruticosa ALLMANN (Bryozoa). Statoblasts collected in some italian freshwater habitat.
14 - F. WIEBACH. Specific structures of Sessoblasts (Bryozoa Phylactolaemata).
15 - R. E. WASS. Cyst-like bodies in Permian bryozoa from Australia.

Structures, microstructures, chemistry
16 - P. L. COOK. The genus Tropidozoum HARMER.
17 - J. F. STRATTON. Ovicells in Fenestella from the Speed Member, North Vernon Limestome (Eifelian, Middle Devonian) in Southern Indiana, U.S.A.
18 - J. P. ROSS. Organization of calcified tissues in stenolaemate ectoprocts.
19 - D. P. GORDON. Ultrastructure of communication pore areas in two bryozoans.
20 - A. POLUZZI et R. SARTORI. Report on the Carbonate mineralogy of bryozoa.

Classification, nomenclature
21 - D. B. BLAKE. The order Cryptostomata resurrected.
22 - N. N. DUNAEVA et I. P. MOROZOVA Revision of the suborder Fenestelloidea.
23 - L. I. POPEKO et N. G. GORELOVA. On the possibility of Fenestella genus objective grouping.
24 - J. D. SOULE and D. F. SOULE. Spathipora, its anatomy and phylogenetic affinities.
25 - R. A. POHOWSKY. Boring Bryozoa (Abstract).

End of the first fascicle


26 - F. BIGEY et R. FEIST. Cryptostomata (Bryozoaires) des "calcaires à Polypiers siliceux" (Dévonien inférieur de la Montagne Noire, France méridionale) : note préliminaire.
27 - R. TURNER. A new upper Cretaceous Cribrimorph from North America with calcareous opercula.
28 - R. E. WASS et J. J. YOO. Distribution and taxonomy of some recent catenicelliform bryozoa from Australia.
29 - D. F. SOULE and J. D. SOULE. Species groups in Watersiporidae (Bryozoa Cheilostomata).
30 - J. L. d'HONDT. Bryozoaires cténostomes bathyaux et abyssaux de l'Atlantique nord.

Ecology, paleoecology
31 - S. GERACI. Infralittoral bryozoans settled on artificial substrata in the Ligurian Sea.
32 - P. J. HAYWARD. Observations on the bryozoan epiphytes of Posidonia oceanica from the island of Chios (Aegean Sea).
33 - R. J. CUFFEY et B. FOERSTER. Autecology of the Cyclostome Bryozoan Crisia eburnea in the modem reefs of Bermuda.
34 - J. G. HARMELIN. Relations entre la forme zoariale et l'habitat chez les bryozoaires cyclostomes. Conséquences taxonomiques.
35 - E. HAKANNSSON. Population structure of colonial organisms. A pa1aeoecological study of some free-living cretaceous bryozoans.
36 - K. BROOD. Paleoecology of Silurian Bryozoa from Gotland (Sweden).
37 - N. SPJELDNAES. Silurian Bryozoans which grew in the shade.
38 - J. F. STRATTON et A. S. HOROWITZ. Studies of the flow of water through models of Polypora.

Biogeography, biostratigraphy
39 - E. BUGE. Distribution des bryozoaires lunulitiformes sur les côtes du Brésil.
40 - M. LABRACHERIE et J. SIGAL. Les bryozoaires cheilostomes des for-mations Eocène inférieur du site 246 (croisière 25, deep sea drilling project).
41 - S. REGUANT et J. SERRA. Bryozoa from the quaternary platform sediments between Blanes and Palamos (prov. Gerona, Spain).
42 - E. BUGE et S. REGUANT. Les bryozoaires oligocènes de la région cantabrique (province de Santander, Espagne). Étude préliminaire.
43 - V. GHIURCA. Les bryozoaires néogènes de la Paratethys.
44 - N. VAVRA. Cyclostomatous bryozoa from the Austrian Miocene.
45 - A. DEBOURLE. New Bryozoa of South-West Aquitaine (France).

Phylogeny, evolution
46 - G. P. LARWOOD. Preliminary report on early (pre-Cenomanian) Cheilostome bryozoa.
47 - A. H. CHEETHAM. Taxonomie significance of Autozoid Size and shape in some early multiserial cheilostomes from the Gulf Coast of the U.S.A.
48 - W. C. BANTA. Origin and early evolution of Cheilostome bryozoa.
49 - R. LAGAAIJ. Crisia and Crisidia (Bryozoa Cyclostomata) from the upper Maastrichtian near Maastricht.
50 - R. BOARDMAN. Taxonomic characters for phylogenetic classifications of Cyclostome bryozoa.
51 - J. G HARMELIN. Evolutionary trends within three Tubuliporina families (Bryozoa, Cyclostomata).

Bibliography, technology
52 - E. ANNOSCIA. Status of the bryozoological study in Italy up to 1974.
53 - L. DAVID, S. POUYET, H. VIGNE. Documentation automatique et bryozoaires.
54 - N. N. DUNAEVA. A review of the paleozoic bryozoan works in the USSR.

End of second fascicle