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Doc. Lab. Géol. Lyon, n° 148


P.R. RACHEBOEUF (1998) - The Chonetoidean Brachiopods.
A revised and updated systematic and bibliographic catalogue.
178 p., 10 fig.


After more than twenty years mainly dedicated to the study of the chonetoidean brachiopods, the preparation of the second edition of the Treatise gave me the opportunity to synthetise my own observations and results about these brachiopods. Pioneer workers on chonetoideans, A.N. Sokolskaja, H.M. Muir-Wood, were mainly specialists of Upper Palaeozoic fauna ; the same is true for G.A. Afanasjeva and N.W. Archbold who are respectively studying Devono-Carboniferous and Permian chonetoidean faunas. Therefore it is to be noted here that most of the phylogenetic reconstructions of the superfamily have been established with few detailed analysis of their Silurian representatives. The exception is the important work by A.J. Boucot & C.W. Harper (1968). Because I have focussed my work on the Silurian and Devonian chonetids, i.e. the first representatives of the superfamily, some of the results and interpretations presented herein differ from previous work. However, this monograph is no more than a " snapshot " in the course of the study of this peculiar, and fascinating group of brachiopods. The chonetoidean brachiopods are important because of their abundance, their diversity, their stratigraphic range from the uppermost Ordovician to the end of the Permian, and their worldwide distribution, opposed to their apparent conservative morphology, probably one of the most remarkable in the world of brachiopods. In the first edition of the Treatise, 32 genera were listed within the Superfamily Chonetacea ; for the preparation of the next edition, a total of 176 genera and subgenera, and 1 255 species and subspecies, were listed, among which are junior synonyms. Four genera and 15 species revealed non chonetoidean taxa : 156 genera and 3 subgenera have been retained, and generic assignments of more than 200 species need revision.




Inventory time and tiempo
Space-time shell morphology and diversity
Morphological terms applied to chonetoideans
Systematics : superfamily Chonetoidea
- Family Strophochonetidae
- Family Chonostrophiidae
- Family Anopliidae
- Family Eodevonariidae
- Family Chonetidae
- Family Rugosochonetidae
- Family Daviesiellidae

Alphabetic list of genera
Alphabetic list of species